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Steel Sails
7th August 2009, 09:53 PM
I can't compete with the very professionally done review of the FP Athena by JKD but, I like the PDQ She's easy to sail, easy to maintain, got an engine problem you can pull it yourself in a pinch and just drop it a any local outboard shop.
Steel Sails is fitted with a bowsprit and Gennaker. We also carry a Asym. However shes not keen to tack in a light wind and if you don't get thru the tack you might as well start an engine.
We raced the Harvest Moon regatta last year. Were doing quite well leading the cruising cat division until around 1.30 am blew the spinnaker in about 20 knots of wind. We were carrying around 13 knts in 18 knts of wind. Stripped down for racing minimal water, maybe 10 gallons fuel. 1 anchor the fortress dumped the chain, you get the picture.
Anyway we get to the port A Channel marker at about 6.30 AM and spend the next 5 hours trying to tack up the channel! only good thing was the Gemini in the race retired in the 1st 30 minutes of the race. conditions too windy for them i guess.

see attached sail plan and picture.