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22nd October 2009, 10:41 AM

Some of you may know that for several years I have posted a weekend weather forecast to the YBW.com forum.

The forecast is for the UK and is issued on a Thursday.

It has been suggested that you may find the forecast useful here too (sorry, only a forecast, I can't change the weather :) )

So, I have posted it below and will do each week if you would like it.

Best wishes,

Issued: 1000 Thursday 22nd October 2009

A typical autumnal low is going to be centred to the west of Scotland at midday on Saturday. Associated fronts are moving north and east through the country with a west to southwesterly flow following.
A wet and windy start to the morning for much of the country. There will be some heavy bursts of rain around, particularly across Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and the north and east of England. Fog over the hills in these areas and blustery winds too. By daybreak drier and brighter weather will be arriving in southern Ireland and southwest England, and this then spreads into most of the rest of England, Wales and southern Ireland by the end of the morning, the winds becoming strong by then, perhaps gusting to gale force in the coasts.
Saturday afternoon is then bright and breezy over England and Wales as well as southern Ireland. It stays wet through Scotland and northern parts of Ireland, and the rain may again be heavy through central and eastern parts of Scotland.
Winds will be SE 15-20kt (F5) ahead of the fronts, becoming SW 17-27kt (F6) behind, then W 12-15kt (F4-F5) in the English Channel later.
Note that there is likely to be a zone of gale or severe gale force winds crossing Ireland, the central and northern Irish Sea and into southern Scotland, which leaves these areas in much stronger winds, a SW 30 gust 45kt (F7-F9) here.


The area of low pressure is going to be moving slowly to the northeast of Scotland through today, to be just east of the Shetlands by midday. Pressure is going to be building to the south of the country, with the high centred in the Bay of Biscay. An occluded front is going to be across northern Scotland, and a trough may affect northern England.
There will be outbreaks of rain through the day over the north of Scotland, a few heavy, but these tending to fade as the day progresses. Another area of showers will be lying along the line of the trough through central Ireland and into northern parts of England.
Elsewhere the day is likely to be a bright and mainly dry one. There will be good spells of sunshine and only a low risk of a shower on western coasts. Generally for the southern half of the country a fair day is likely, with good visibility throughout.
Winds W 10-14kt (F3-F4) through the English Channel, W 14-18kt (F4-F5) through most of England and Wales, W-NW 19-25kt (F5-F6) through Scotland, but NW 28-35kt (F7-F8) over northern Scotland.



22nd October 2009, 10:55 AM

you are very welcome here , although your task of persuading us that weather forecasting is a simple science may well be an uphill struggle:o

23rd October 2009, 03:31 PM
Thanks for the welcome.

Oh , I'd never pretend forecasting is simple, I learn something new everyday, but it is great fun!

23rd October 2009, 04:22 PM
Seems like a great idea to me! Maybe forecasters from other parts of the world will follow - wouldn't that be great?!?! All the forecasts in one central place?

23rd October 2009, 05:43 PM
Very, very welcome and what a bloody great idea.

Methinks we should have a separte 'Weather Forecasts' sub forum for just this purpose, eacfh country or continent could have their own specialist doing just what Simon is, what do you all think :confused:

No, we are not going to have a poll on it, or are we?

23rd October 2009, 05:54 PM
Ya, this is great. Just need to include the temps in the forecast so I can pop a few shots off at you poor folks that are shivering over there while I work on my tan.:p:D
Maybe have a PM notification anytime it gets below 10c to alert me that it is time for a little tweak to my British brethren.;):D