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8th January 2010, 06:39 AM
Oh how nice the new 38 is. Would be worth waiting a couple of years so I could afford a 2nd hand one , maybe.
I was looking at a video of headroom on a 2000 38, and found by watching this it looked like the room or walkway between the saloon table and bulkhead was really very small , eg the man in the video only had walking distance . There could be nothing in the way or on the floor or it could be a hazard.
The other thing I noticed is the table faces the instrument panel on the inside of the bulkhead , not really a good viewof outside at all , Although I guess it does cross over to the cockpit table .
I then saw pics of later models and this distance appears to be slightly greater . Am I imagining this or is it good or bad photograhy.
Getting back to the new one , I love the way the cockpit seat can turn inside or out . Wonder if you could do this to the older models or would the step down to the rear deck area be to high.
So many questions , Hope you all dont mind .
Cheers Darren

8th January 2010, 08:35 PM
I haven't been on the 3800 yet. I was trying to get a 4 day charter last Sept. in Key West on one but they were jerking me around on price and my time ran out. I'm going to try again this spring to get on one.
If you wait for a 384 it will probably be 3 years as I think that is the charter term for Sunsail and those boats chartering in your area will be coming out of the Chinese factory. The Caribbean boats will be coming out of SA.
I have always liked the galley forward layout in the 3800's with the double U shapes for galley and salon table. The counter space was a little small in the 384.