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19th January 2010, 07:06 PM
We arrived in Nevis last night, picked up one of the many mooring buoys outside Charlestown, the capital. The buoys are in long rows just north of the main jetty. Clearing in this morning involved a trip to customs (on the first floor of a nice old building behind the root of the main dock, dinghy dock on the smaller dock just south of the main dock) where I used Easyclear for the first time (www.easyclear.com). This worked well, was relatively quick and the staff were certainly friendly and welcoming, and cost clearance fees of EC$30 (US$1 = EC$2.70). Next was a walk to the police station (turn right down Main Street, five minute walk on the left) for immigration. This involved a form filling and passport stamping, no fees. Finally back to the Port Office (ground floor in front of customs building) to pay harbour dues, environmental levy and mooring fees. This totalled EC$98. So, we spent a total of EC$128 and this got us 12 nights on a mooring - we won't be staying that long but we gave an estimated departure date of the 30th January so we were charged for that period. The mooring fees are so reasonable that it hardly matters. Note that fees will vary depending on boat size.
I have seen one or two anchored boats, as opposed to moored on a buoy, so it seems that anchoring may still be allowed, saving the minimal mooring fees but presumably not the harbour dues - doesn't seem worth it to me but each to their own.
We've had a quick look around and Charlestown is a very pretty town, lots of lovely old buildings, decent shopping at a number of supermarkets, various restaurants, and very friendly people. Probably a bit more expensive than some of the more southerly Caribbean islands, the place has a more "well to do" feel about it. We'll be exploring the island properly in the next few days. Beer seems to be Carib, brewed in St Kitts, where they also brew and bottle Skol - anyone remember that? I bought a couple of bottles to try later - the last time I saw Skol was on a river boat in what was then Zaire, 22 years ago, but that's another story...
We don't plan to visit St Kitts as it involves a bit more paperwork and seems to be cruise ship territory, so we'll be heading to St Eustatius (Statia) next.

21st January 2010, 07:09 PM
Here's the document produced by the Port Authority showing some mooring info:


By the way, I didn't think much of the Skol, more like the type of beer Ireaney (and my wife) like.:)

21st January 2010, 07:19 PM
By the way, I didn't think much of the Skol, more like the type of beer Ireaney (and my wife) like.:)

Ohh, nice shot!;):)