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20th January 2010, 10:14 AM
Hello again,

Thank goodness that white stuff has disappeared from most of the country now! Of course, that may not be the end of the cold weather (and probably isnít) but with every day that passes we get closer to spring.

I thought Iíd issue this weekendís forecast early as, for the first time in a while, things donít look too bad, at least for Saturday. A change for Sunday with lower cloud and mist becoming a problem through England and eastern Wales.

Weather School season kicks off this weekend and Iíll be running courses every weekend through January and February, so if you fancy coming along, book your place now. I hope to announce some new dates for Spring 2010 soon.

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Onto the weekend forecast, and if you know anyone whoíd like to receive this email each week just tell them to send a request to join to

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Issued: 0900 Wednesday 20th January 2010

High pressure becomes the dominant feature of the weather for the weekend. It is expected to be centred over Ireland at midday, extending its influence throughout the UK and Ireland. The weak fronts you can see to the east are fading features and I now think these are probably going to be further to the east, in the North Sea. However, the will start to push some cloud back westwards later on Saturday afternoon.
For most of us it will be a fair day and dry too. The area of high pressure may well allow for some fog patches to form across Ireland, Wales, western England and sheltered parts of western Scotland. These may be reluctant to clear some places through the day.
I also suspect that there could be some fog lifting into low cloud along the Welsh borders and into the western Midlands, and again this may last through the day.
Elsewhere though, where mist and fog does lift, the day should become dry with broken cloud and will be mainly fair. Cloud increasing over eastern Scotland and eastern England later as those fronts return.
Winds will be mainly from the N-NE 5-10kt (F2-F3) perhaps 10-14kt (F3-F4) for East Anglia and southeast England in the afternoon, and the direction generally more NEíly for the southern counties of England.


The area of high pressure persists through Ireland today. Notice how the flow is turning more into the NE across the Midlands, East Anglia and southern England. This is the return of the cold weather, and with it will be increasing amounts of cloud and the threat of some flurries of snow and sleet.
I suspect that fog patches may be a problem again across Ireland and southwest Scotland. These slowly clearing through the day and allowing some sunny spells to come through where they do disappear.
For the Midlands, parts of northeast England, East Anglia and most of southern and southeastern England the day is likely to be starting grey and murky. Lots of low cloud around and the threat of some outbreaks of drizzle and snow flurries. It is probably going to be staying similar throughout the day with haze and mist throughout, and only the briefest of bright spells.
The best of any brightness is likely to be through western Wales and northwest England, as well as western Scotland where it is probably going to be staying dry with some good sunny spells throughout the day.
Winds for most of England and Wales will be N-NE 9-12kt (F3) but 15-178kt (F5) over the coasts of southeast England. Mainly NW-W 5-8kt (F2-F3) for northern and western Scotland, and variable 2-5kt (F2) for Ireland.