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12th February 2010, 11:36 AM
Hello again,

Winter still has a grip on us, and there really is no end in sight for the next week at least. However, I am holding out some hope that by the final week of the month we may start to see some milder air coming back in off the Atlantic (although I may regret saying that!).

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Issued: 0900 Friday 12th February 2010

A ridge of high pressure through the country today, bringing fairly moist air and a fair amount of cloud, especially to eastern areas. An occluded front approaches western Scotland later.
A rather cloudy start to the day over many areas. Outbreaks of drizzle affect eastern coasts of England, with East Anglia especially prone to these. They may also extend into the eastern Midlands and parts of southeast England. Little change for the afternoon.
Wales, southwest England, Northern Ireland and the coasts of northwest England are likely to be dry with broken cloud and some sunny spells coming through at times.
Western Scotland sees increasing cloud with some outbreaks of drizzle from time to time, this turning more persistent as the day progresses.
Winds mainly from the N or NE 10-15kt (F3-F4) across the southern half of England and Wales, but NE 18-22kt (F5) through the Dover Strait at times. Becoming mainly N then NW 6-11kt (F3) over Scotland and Ireland .


A ridge of high pressure is maintained through Sunday, although low pressure is forming to the northwest of Scotland. This will have frontal systems associated with it, although these tending to become slow moving over western Scotland and Ireland in the afternoon. A trough over central and southeast areas maintaining the moist air here.
Plenty of cloud through many areas on Sunday morning with the risk of some patchy rain in the southeast. Mist or fog patches in the south too making for moderate or poor visibility. These will be fading away and then the day should be dry with sunny spells, although always plenty of cloud here.
More persistent rain reaching western Scotland and Northern Ireland in the morning, this spreading thought the rest of Scotland in the afternoon and then reaching northwest England towards evening.
Winds will be mainly N 5-10kt (F2-F3) in the south, backing as you head north to become a SW 12-16kt (F4-F5) across Scotland and Northern Ireland.