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25th March 2010, 03:22 PM
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Hello again,

As I suspected March is going out like the proverbial lion.

Low pressure is in control this weekend, but overall I think some of us should see some reasonable conditions, at least for a few hours. Don’t forget that Weatherweb.TV is still available at http://www.weatherweb.tv, and please let me know any suggestions you may have for this service.

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Onto the weekend forecast, and if you know anyone who’d like to receive this email each week just tell them to send a request to join to

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Issued: 0900 Thursday 25th March 2010

Low pressure is going to be to the northeast of Scotland through Saturday. An unsettled west or northwest flow affects the whole of the country, with some showery troughs or weak fronts caught in the flow as well.
I think that there will be some early rain affecting East Anglia and southeast England, although this is going to be clearing quite quickly. Cloud and some outbreaks of rain close to the north coasts of Scotland associated with the occluded front, most of it generally light.
For England, Wales and Ireland there will be broken cloud and some sunny spells, but also a few showers here and there, most over western coasts of Wales.
Winds mainly W-WNW’ly 8-12kt (F3) over the south of England, W 15kt (F4) for northern Scotland.


A change on Sunday as a warm front pushes into southern Ireland and southwest England. After a fine start the front brings outbreaks of rain and reduces visibility across most of southern Ireland, the southern Irish Sea, south Wales and southern England. Increasingly breezy in the south too.
Low pressure remains to the east of Scotland bringing some cloud and rain, associated with the occluded front, although this is likely to be light and patchy. The winds turning into the north and northwest behind the front over Scotland introducing colder weather here.
In between the two systems conditions should be fairly benign; being mainly dry, although rather cloudy and with the visibility generally good in light winds.
The winds SW 12-15kt (F3-F4) along southern coasts of England, then mainly W’ly 5-10kt (F2-F3) for much of England and Wales. Increasing W then N 18-23kt (F5-F6) through Scotland as the front moves south.



27th March 2010, 02:04 AM
Wow, forecasting the weather in your part of the world must be terribly depressing. Perhaps you should take up brewing beer meant to be served cold?