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27th March 2010, 11:39 AM
Besides local shipyard slipways, the two main places with haul-out facilities in Phuket are Boat Lagoon Marina and the adjacent Royal Phuket Marina (RPM).

Boat Lagoon is by far most commonly used for multihulls as either of their travel lifts can accommodate most craft and their hardstand area is very extensive.

RPM on the other hand sees very few multihulls on the hard due to the size limitation placed by their travel lift which is a maximum width of marginally over 5mtrs/16ft.

My boat is a Prout Snowgoose Elite with a beam of the above size which only just fitted inside their travel lift. The hardstand area is limited in size but shower/head facilities are first class.

In either of the marinas, living onboard whilst on the hard is not encouraged but it is possible.

Accommodation is not available at RPM but in adjacent (read 20 minute walk) Boat Lagoon; apartments can be rented on either short or long term basis. On a monthly contract (minimum of 2 months) a basic serviced apartment in the marina complex can be rented for as little as USD $300 per month. Depending on the time of year, it is possible to rent a house in the surrounding area for a similar sum.

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