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27th May 2010, 10:03 AM
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Hello again,

Isnít it amazing that this is the last bank Holiday before August? No doubt many of you are itching to get on the water, so letís hope the weather plays ball. Iíve included an extra forecast for Bank Holiday Monday below.

Thanks again for your webinar feedback, all is going to plan and Iíll be announcing the full package of training and webinars very shortly. I hope you will be able to join me in the; it really has proved a wonderful way of learning. The beauty is that you do it in your own home and you can ask any questions you need. Of course you donít get the same interaction as being in a group at Weather School (Sailing Weather part 1 is on 6th November), but it is very good if you canít make it to Wombourne.

Onto the weekend forecast, and if you know anyone whoíd like to receive this email each week just tell them to send a request to join to

Have a good weekend,

Issued: 1000 Thursday 27th May 2010

An area of low pressure remains to the east of Scotland through today, a trough moving south associated with it. For England and Wales, as well as Ireland, high pressure dominates, although Atlantic fronts will be edging slowly eastwards.
An area of cloud and rain is likely to be associated with the low and will bring cloud and some outbreaks of rain to much of Scotland, northern England, and later on East Anglia. Brighter, drier conditions following to northern Scotland. Visibility will become moderate in the rain with fog on the hills.
For England, Wales and Ireland the day is likely to be a fair one. There will be good spells of sunshine across the northern Midlands and north Wales. Staying dry here too.
For southern Ireland, southern Wales and southern England the day is going to be cloudier and there could be a few outbreaks of rain moving in with that cloud, especially towards the evening.
Winds will be mainly W then NW 15-18kt (F4 to F5) across Scotland. Mainly W-SW 10-14kt (F3-F4) for England, Wales and most of Ireland.


Pressure is expected to be remaining high to the northwest of Scotland through today. This extends an influence across all parts of the country, although a warm front does affect the far southwest of Ireland.
For most of the country the day is going to be starting dry and fair with plenty of sunshine. This sunshine continues into the afternoon with only small amounts of cloud and all areas staying dry.
The exception is southwest Ireland and the far southwest of England where there could be more cloud and the threat of some spots of rain at times.
Visibility remaining good for most, although falling moderate off southern Ireland and the far southwest of England in the rain.
Winds will be mainly from the N or NE at 8-12kt (F3), although there could touch 15kt (F4) over eastern coasts of Scotland.


High pressure over the Channel dominates the weather through eastern parts of the country. To the west there will be fronts drifting in, these associated with low pressure in the Atlantic.
A fair day to come across most of England and Scotland. There will be a fair amount of high cloud, but overall it is going to be a fair day with good visibility.
To the west thickening cloud brings rain across Ireland, western Scotland and southwest England. The winds also increasing here with visibility moderate to poor at times.
The winds variable but mainly Síly 5-8kt (F2-F3) for much of England, watch for thermic gusts inland. To the west they winds are S-SSE 17 to 20kt (F5).