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9th June 2010, 01:38 AM

For those of you with fat boats around the PI you can haul out here....

Subic Bay - Electruk. Big, huge, monster WWII era looking crane. There was a 50' cat and 40' cat on the wharf when last there. They had spreader bars. 3ph power, water, etc. You could bring in or hire your own crew at no surcharge.

Subic Bay - Watercraft Ventures Inc. They have a ramp which I know trailered out a 10.5m Seawind. I recall the ramp was 24' wide? If you're too wide for that they can get huge cranes. The Travel-life they have is too narrow. Helpful staff, though more expensive then Electruk.

For the above Subic has most of what one could need. Broadwater Marine has a decent stock of bits and can get anything fast. Rooms or houses can be rented at a reasonable rate if needed. It's just a nice place to do boatie stuff and the ex-pat crowd there is professional and helpful.

Marivelles - Rouvia Road Yacht Design might have space, but one would need to contact them well ahead of time. This is not a show up and go-for-it yard. They are usually very busy and security is ultra tight with large private projects. They have a full wood-working shop, superb steel, alloy and SS welders and equipment. Very helpful management considering how busy they are. Most supplies would have to be shipped in. Small, busy town with the basics to live.

Cebu - Colorado Shipyard/Harwood Marine. Two different companies that work in tandem from what I can tell. Colorado has a huge ship slipway and transfer rails. I believe Harwood has, or has access to, two large cranes which can plop you on a trailer and move you about. One would want to check with them well ahead of arrival for planning. Harwood does excellent aluminum work. Both expat managed.

Borneo/Malaysia - Kudat shipyard (on the near-northern tippy-tip of Borneo). They have a wide travel lift...again I recall 24' wide. The lift operators are good as you can tell by the pics in their office.....somehow they get these very long ferries out with that lift. Power and water were an issue few years back. Nice town with nice people but you'd need to check on supply availability or bring what you need. Others were transporting from Kota Kinabula via car/truck. Some imported from Singapore to KK then up to Kudat. The cost when I used was around 250usd in/out plus 5 days included (good for quick bottom job). The yard space went down in cost the longer you stayed. The local preferred tool was a chainsaw for boat work! I heard the prices have gone up, but not verified.

Palau - There is a rail, but ridiculously expensive per day (in the order of 1000usd++!!). Others have hauled using two cranes available locally. I heard rumor of 1000usd to get in/out, but not verified. Hard stand space is charged separately. There's two possible locations for craning - Malakal Island (search Neco Marine Palau) and in Airai on the n/nw end of the big bridge connecting Koror and Airai. This one is a public area and you need to get permission to use (easy to get).

If anyone needs names, email and phone info I'd be happy to pass on what I have, but through PM'ing or direct email.

Best - Jay

13th April 2012, 07:52 AM
further in Subic/SBMA you might inquire at DRYDOCK, the have a large and a small floating dock, they stepped my mast for a fraction of what Electruk wanted (USD 1200 in 2010), not to mention Watercraft Venture, their mobilization fee for a monster crane (to lift a 85kg Carbon mast) was beyond any imagination. Btw. lifting the entire cat would have been cheaper at Electruk then the mast only, no way to discuss with the manager, "this is our price!" I still do not get it.

The job was done in about 20 minutes, went alongside drydock, crane turned over my cat, lifted mast, set on ball(bearing), secured with lines and finished. Few minutes later in the marina we installed the shrouds. Nice professional and quick service.