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8th July 2010, 04:10 PM
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After the dry weather and heat of the past few weeks the question I am increasingly being asked now is, ‘when will it end?’. There are some hints of a change during the early to middle part of next week, but we could return to high pressure after that. I have to admit that I thought things would become much more unsettled through July, but to date I am being proved wrong!

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Issued: 1600 Thursday 8th July 2010

A vigorous area of low pressure is off southwest Ireland through today, tracking steadily north-eastwards. It does have fronts associated with it, these mainly affecting Ireland and more western parts of the British Isles.
For most parts of England we are going to be in for a hot and dry day. There will be plenty of sunny spells with good visibility and some sea breezes forming on the coasts.
Further north and west through northwest England, southern Scotland, west Wales and Ireland there will be far more cloud. Periods of rain could become heavy at times as the front and low move north-eastwards. Mist and fog settling on western coasts and hills. The heaviest and most persistent of the rain is expected through southwest Scotland and Ireland. Visibility in the rain moderate but poor at times, especially on the coasts and hills.
Winds will be mainly S-SW 8-12kt (F4) across much of England, increasing to 15-20kt (F5) in the southwest. Mainly S-SW 12-18kt (F5) across Wales and NW England, but S 18-26kt (F6) through the Irish Sea and Ireland as well as SW Scotland (there is the risk of up to 30kt winds within this area). Mainly E-ESE 5-10kt (F3-F4) for central and northern Scotland.


Low pressure becomes settled to the northwest of Scotland today, moving north-eastwards. High pressure builds through southern Ireland, southern England and Wales, as the cold front crosses England in the morning.
The threat of some showery rain across much of northern, eastern and central England in the morning as the cold front moves through. Most of this will be light although the threat of some persistent rain over the Pennines. Most of the rain clearing east in the afternoon, leaving things dry.
Drier for Wales, western England and Ireland although always a fair amount of cloud and the risk of scattered showers into Ireland.
Notice how strong the winds are on the southern side of the low. These bring cloud and some outbreaks of showery rain across Scotland (mostly the west) and the north of Northern Ireland.
Winds mainly SW-W 5-10kt (F3) through England and Wales, increasing as you head north and becoming S-SW 20-30kt (F6-F7) through Scotland, but SW-WSW 30-38kt (F7-F 8 ) at times over southern Scotland and the coasts of Northern Ireland.