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15th July 2010, 10:28 AM
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I did mention last week that there were hints of a change in the weather on the way, and that’s certainly what we have right now. All the indications are that the more mixed weather is going to be continuing through next week. That is not to say that it will be a total washout, but certainly more chewable conditions around than we have been used to for the past few weeks, and temperatures near normal on the whole.

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Onto the weekend forecast, and if you know anyone who’d like to receive this email each week just tell them to send a request to join to

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Issued: 1000 Thursday 15th July 2010

Low pressure is going to be situated to the north of Scotland on Saturday. This still presents unstable air across much of Scotland and northern England, highlighted by the trough moving east. A weak ridge of high pressure is going to be building across Ireland, Wales and southern England, bringing about an improvement here.
For Scotland though it is going to be a windy day. There will be rain in the north, this heavy with fog on the hills and coasts in the northwest, as well as gale force winds. Further south there rain will be more showery, most of these fading in the afternoon with bright or sunny spells then breaking through the cloud.
Northern and eastern parts of England may see a few showers, these well isolated, with the cloud again breaking and sunny spells developing. Visibility here will be generally good.
For most of the rest of southern England and Wales there will be one or two showers around, but these well isolated and generally on hills. Overall it should be fair through the day with good visibility.
Winds WSW 30-40kt (F7- F 8 ) across northern Scotland, decreasing as you head south to be WSW 15kt (F4-F5) for northern England and mainly W 10-12kt (F3-F4) for most of the rest of England and Wales.


A frontal system moving eastwards through the country on Sunday night and into daytime hours on Sunday. This is going to be cloud and period of rain to much of Scotland, northern England, Wales, the Midlands and southwest England. Little change through the day as the front becomes slow moving, with waves running along it enhancing the precipitation from time to time.
More south eastern parts of England are likely to be staying dry through the day with good visibility here.
Some patchy rain for western Scotland, northwest England and exposed hills of Northern Ireland, but generally here it should be dry. There will be breaks in the cloud, the best of them in eastern parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Winds mainly SW 15-20kt (F5-F6) although 12-15kt (F3-F4) over southeast England and Ireland.