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14th October 2010, 09:47 AM
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Issued: 1700 Thursday 14th October 2010

A ridge of high pressure extends through Ireland, northern England and Scotland, as well as Wales today. An occluded front affects southeast England, as a warm front approaches the west of Scotland.
For eastern parts of England to occluded front is going to be bringing cloud. IT may well be thick enough to produce some drizzle over the high ground of the northeast, and across East Anglia and the southeast, especially on Saturday morning. A tendency for this cloud to lift and the drizzle to fade into the afternoon, although some areas, especially the high ground of the southern Midlands and central southern England may well see some low cloud and drizzle all day.
Elsewhere the day is going to be a fair one. There will be some morning mist and fog patches affecting Scotland and northwest England as well as west Wales and Ireland at first. These should be lifting though and then the day is going to become fair with good spells of sunshine.
Increasing cloud for the west of Ireland later as some outbreaks of rain edge in from the far west.
Quite breezy in the southeast in a NE wind at 18-25kt (F5-F6) nearer 13-17kt (F4-F5) further west. Much lighter across northwest England, Wales and Ireland as well as southern Scotland at NE 7-11kt (F3-F4) and then SW 9-13kt (F3-F4) across northern Scotland.


Conditions do look set to change on Sunday as the area of high pressure we have enjoyed for the last week gets squeezed away to the south. The flow turns more Wly for all parts of the country.
Cloud will be pushing into western Scotland, northeast England and Ireland through the course of the day as the warm front pushes east. The front does not look especially active though and so low cloud on coasts and hills in the west, with any rain being light or drizzly, seems the most likely result of it. More central, southern and eastern areas will be starting the day much brighter and dry.
Into the afternoon northern and western parts of the country remain cloudy. There will be further outbreaks of rain here, most of it fairly light and drizzly, and most of it tending to affect northern and western coasts and hills.
More central and eastern areas, as well as southern England should be dry and bright with some sunny spells remaining through the south.
Winds will be N-NW 8-10kt (F3) along southern coasts, but backing as you head north with most of the country in a SW wind at 11 to 15kt (F4) but SW 20-28kt (F5-F6) across Scotland and perhaps reaching SW 35kt (F8) over northwest Scotland later.