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23rd October 2010, 10:41 AM
La Coruna has two marinas:

- A new one being called "MarinaCoruna" in the NW area of the breakwater under the conspicous Port Control tower, where the old anchoring ground used to be. This marina has space for approx. 220+ yachts. Two floating breakwaters have been laid, pass between the two to enter the marina. Red and green lights on the ends of these breakwaters indicating the entry are battery operated (it seems) - when we came in at night the red light was not working thus confusing me as the other end of the left breakwater showed a green light. The marina is susceptible to swell though. All marina facilities incl. free WiFi can be found here plus an excellent restaurant. The city and shops are a 20 minute walk away. For a catamaran in the 10 - 12 m bracket you can expect to pay approx. 30 per day for mooring fees which includes the use of electricity.

- The second marina is located further in, in front of the old harbour directly across from the city and their classic houses with their renown closed balconies. The RCNC clubhouse is located here.

Both marinas can handle cats and tris, with MarinaCoruna being able to handle superyachts.

The only local boatyard "MarinaSECA", under the same ownership as the "MarinaCoruna", is located approx. 1M south from the breakwater end in the fishing harbour "Darzena de Oza". They are fully equipped to handle all major repair work on both sailing and motor yachts. Their travellift can lift out a boat with a beam of max. 5.90 m. If work under the waterline needs to be carried out on a wider cat or tri the only solution, apart from a diver, is the slipway in the fishing harbour: on to the slip a little bit after highwater and off again at the next highwater. It is not advisable to stay on the slip overnight as the area is open and not guarded. The slip is administered by the port administration who need to give their prior approval to the use and will charge approx. 50 plus VAT per day, MarinaSECA will handle this approval task. Also be aware that the usuable working time on the slip has to correspond to the working time of the boatyard workforce which is from Mon - Fri 0900 - 1400 hours and 1600 - 1930 hours so you might have to wait a few days to enable optimum use of the slip. There are no real marina facilities available at MarinaSECA, only toilet facilities which are available during above quoted working hours. As can be expected from a working fishing port the waters in the harbour can be dirty and even oily.The city is a brisk 35 minutes walk away from MarinaSECA with a GADIS supermarket 10 minutes away.
I found the work performed by MarinaSECA to be of good quality and fairly priced. The head mechanic Manuel is a very knowledgable and experienced chap who only speaks Spanish, but both the workshop manager and the junior mechanic speak good English.