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11th February 2011, 09:54 AM
Hello again,

Well, Ive seen worse weekends ahead, so might be one to take an early-spring (yes I did use the s word) look at things. Saturday is probably the pick of the days for most.

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Issued: 1000 Friday 11th February 2011

An occluded front is going to be clearing the east of the country early on Saturday morning. This allows a ridge of high pressure to build fro the west, and it is this ridge which brings about the promise of a fair day.
There will be some cloud and outbreaks of rain across eastern Scotland and eastern England at first; misty and murky here too with moderate or poor visibility at times.
By contrast conditions to the west are going to be much brighter and drier with lots of sunshine, although there may be some morning mist or fog patches in more sheltered inland areas at first. This brighter weather will be edging eastwards through all parts of the country during the morning, the east brightening up by early afternoon. Most areas will then enjoy a fine day with good spells of sunshine and mainly light winds.
Towards the evening a further occluded front approaches western Ireland and this is going to bring strengthening winds ahead of it, those winds reaching gale force on exposed southern coasts of Ireland by the evening.
Winds SE 18-24kt (F5-F6) at first for eastern Scotland, SW 15-20kt (F4-F5) across SE England. To the west morning winds will be more W 9-13kt (F3-F4). Through the afternoon the winds become more generally WSW 10-14kt (F3-F4) for most, but they will then back SW 17-20kt (F4-F5) in western Scotland and the far SW of England later. Becoming S-SSW 30-35kt (F7-F8 ) across Ireland.


An occluded front will be pushing eastwards through Sunday taking with it the threat of some outbreaks of rain, most of this on the leading edge of the front. The front is likely to not clear SE England until late evening. A more unstable W-SW flow follows from the west, shown by the troughs in western Ireland.
An area of rain associated with the front occluded front will be passing eastwards through Scotland and England on Sunday morning, reaching East Anglia and the southeast by midday. It then stays cloudy and damp with moderate visibility in eastern areas through the afternoon. Breezy on the forward die of the front too, the winds perhaps fairly gusty in more exposed areas.
Drier and brighter weather will be following from the west through the morning, bringing good visibility and some good spells of sunshine.; It should then be fair across many areas (except the east of England and Scotland) through the afternoon. There will be some reasonable spells of sunshine.
Showers will be affecting western Ireland and western Scotland though, some of them becoming heavy at times,
Winds ahead of the front will be S 18-25kt (F5-F6) then W-SW 12-15kt (F4) behind it.