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17th May 2011, 02:31 PM
Hi there just looking to start a thread on Leopard 46 specific topics. I have been learning more and more about my boat and would love to share thoughts on things like repairs or tricks you have found with the boat.

I recently had my boat inspected in Japan and the inspectors had to use electronic tools to inspect the hull thickness all over. They were shocked at how thick the hull was. They measured 1.8 cm and 2 cm thick around the engine area. Said it was nothing like the Lagoons and laughed saying my boat is much better built than French ones. The boat weighed in 18 tons which was way more than I thought but that hasn't effected the sailing performance at all. All the weight can be put on the keels when lifted. Then we just put 2 supports where the engine bulkheads are and 2 up front with wood wedges and 4 steel supports under the bridge just because we had them laying there, and was no problem.
We have about 10 Lagoons here in Okinawa now and I am the only Leopard. I have 3 boat specialists experts in Fiberglass and Gelcoat and they said my boat is very well built and showed me why. Said it will last a lifetime. Gelcoat is also good quality, but due to the complicated mold there are some thin areas and some hairline cracks that need touching up. Mostly cosmetic but want to stay on top of it. Also went through a Typhoon a couple years ago and the boat can take a beating. So feel safe and trust the boat.

I recently found a cleat loose, and checked the backplates. I will be putting in 2-3 times bigger ones as the ones in now are not strong enough for our typhoons. Maybe a few hours work.

This is my first boat and I am really happy with it. Now I have to learn all the ins and outs.

If you have something to share or talk about regarding a Leopard 46 please feel free to comment.


4th October 2011, 04:04 PM
Thank you for sharing.

Did you buy your leopard 46 new or used? How was the buying process? Would you mind giving some details?

4th October 2011, 10:39 PM
Hi there. I bought new. Actually kind of funny, was surfing the internet and bought unseen. When I saw it in HK I was shocked how big it was. It is Massive! First thing that came to mind was how the hell am I going to park this thing. After a week on the boat you end up learning all the ins and outs. It is pretty much a house. We had 5 people on the boat and never got in each others hair, there is just so much space.

Boat performs well. We always sail 8-10 knots loaded 170 nm a day not pushing the boat. This is with filled water fuel, 300 of chain washer dryer food for 10 days etc. The boat can also handle rough weather amazingly well.

If I had to say something bad about the boat it would be a few quality issues that have been fixed. Had some gelcoat cracks which repaired and a bit of the woodwork could have been a bit better, but just the sill under the saloon door had a bit of a gap and a couple hinges loose type of things. All fixed.

As for buying process, I think it's pretty straightforward. The only thing I would say is the boat is delivered from SA to you so there will be things that need fixing or made up to par. In my case I had rust on one part of my engine and prop zincs fell off a cracked step. So I kind of feel it's better to buy a used one as that is what you are getting anyways and you can save $100,000 and use the money to do any improvements YOU feel are necessary as there will always be things that need fixing. But that is just me.

Think for the price you get a very well built boat with a lot of features. Too many actually for me. Mine is listed on Yachtworld I am planning to downsize as I just don't have the time to make use of the boat. Maybe a small tri for daysailing.


4th October 2011, 11:09 PM
Thanks. When you say that all the issues got fixed, do you mean the manufacturer (Leopard) fixed them under the warranty?

4th October 2011, 11:13 PM
Nope did myself. Wasn't worth my time to chase them up. They sent over any parts I needed, but it's hard to put a price on a bit of getcoat repair as it took us a few hours only.

23rd November 2011, 05:13 PM
Nope did myself. Wasn't worth my time to chase them up. They sent over any parts I needed, but it's hard to put a price on a bit of getcoat repair as it took us a few hours only.


Did you use factory gelcoat for your repairs? We're having repairs done to our L46 and I've been told to only use factory gel by some. R&C thinks the factory gel won't match since "the boat is 4 years old and batches are different". They're pushing me to use whatever the shop wants to use. The factory gel from SA is hazmat and will take >1mo to get to the US. If I can find someone that had work done on their L46 w/ non factory gel with a good outcome it would make the decision a lot easier!


23rd November 2011, 11:05 PM

Funny you ask I just did some gelcoat repairs yesterday. We tinted the Gel to match. Not hard to do at all, in fact the first time I paid someone to do but now did myself and found out it's piss easy. Only maybe 30 minutes to do 3 spots. I will wet sand and polish with compound today.

As you know there are many colours of white some gray some have a bit of red in them etc. So just add tint and stir (don't shake) as you don't want to make bubbles in the gel. I believe they sell Gelcoat tint sets online with instructions on how to do. To grind the gel out use a grinding tool with a small grinding tip, then clean well with acetone then apply paint with a putty knife to make as smooth as possible. I sand with 120 grit first then work my way down to 1000 grit wet sanding then compound with a wool power buffer.

Think it's worth trying yourself as it saves time and money and then easy to make fixes in the future.

29th November 2011, 11:49 AM
Hi OkinawaCat,

You mentioned your boat was listed on Yachtworld - are you able to provide the link to the listing, and indicate what price you're looking at for her.


1st December 2011, 09:11 PM
Tokyoflash is listed on Yachtworld:


Please contact me directly for any questions, I am very familiar with the options / specifications on this gorgeous Leopard 46'.

Peter Wiersema