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18th July 2011, 09:39 AM
Hi everyone,

I hope this isn't too commercial for the forum, but I thought it might be relevant as many of you head off for the summer (and I hope the YBW moderators won't mind, it;s not often I flog stuff openly, but this might be useful for you).

I am delighted to announce that I have now published my popular 'Pocket Weather Forecaster' book as a Kindle download from Amazon.

This means you can read the book on a whole variety of electronic devices including a Kindle, iPad, iPhone. Desktop PC, iMac, Mac and many more.

What's more, because I don't have to cover printing costs I can offer the book at a lower price. You can even get a sample sent to your reading device so you can try before you buy!

The book is available now from http://www.weatherweb.net/books.htm just click on the Kindle edition to download and buy.

This really is a perfect way to enjoy a book (I'm hooked to Kindle on the iPad and PC desktop, if you have not tried Kindle yet, now is your chance, it really is amazing and you can download the software free from Amazon. Many of you are reading the yachting mags on iPad etc... too and it really is an excellent way to view things)

With best wishes,