View Full Version : Rabat (Sale) Marina

14th July 2012, 05:23 PM
in may 2012 we had been there for over three weeks, safe and cheap (about 180 euros total!) train station just 10 minutes to walk and very good connections to all the major cities like marrakech, fes, meknes, casablanca.

the entrance to rabat is tricky but the marina will guide you in, we never had less than 3m under the boat.

we trav elled all over the country (1500kms by car), we never had a single problem with security, even at night. the countryside is so beautiful, all the people friendly. maybe in the souks of marrakech you will be asked to buy carpets or leather goods but never in an aggressive manner.

if you havnt been there, go to morocco!

see some nice pics on our webpage,if you need any info pls email me!

PS-we also heard some bad stories about agadir, so you better go to rabat