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21st April 2009, 03:21 PM
Anchorage – Palmeira –llha do Sal
Nov 2008.
It’s a free anchorage. To clear into Cape Verde has to be carried out at the airport which is quite a way from the anchorage. We didn’t bother to clear in as we were only there for 24 hours so therefore I can’t comment on the clearing procedures.
Entrance is straight forward past the sea wall but keep an open eye for the many cargo ships coming out of the anchorage. There is only one wreck identified on the chart in the anchorage but there are actually 2. The second wreck is identified by around 5 old oil cans strung together on your port side about halfway in the anchorage so keep clear. There are a number of dive boats and booze cruise vessels that return here every evening so if you arrive during the day and see some nice spaces to port then don’t be surprised if you are asked to move later on.
I must admit to not feeling that safe in the short time whilst we were here but that can only be based on a general feeling and some of the rumours I heard whilst there. Some French cruisers we met who had been here a while did say that unless it’s bolted down it will walk. Make sure everything is secured and hatches are locked at all times, if you have to go below then shut the door.
We didn’t see much of the area as we only picked up a few provisions before continuing with our journey. There is a water taxi operating in the anchorage, just wave him down and he will drop you ashore (make sure you have plenty of fenders out!!). There are a few restaurants not far from the bar at the anchorage but although the food was ok it was very expensive for what was on offer. I’m sure there are many people who have spent longer here that can expand on the local area.
We found a couple of small supermarkets a short taxi ride from the bay but the quality and choice was quite limited.
There were some welding repairs on a cargo ship going on whilst we were there but no boatyard to speak of. At least they do have an airport if you need any spares flown in.
Not a place I would personally rush back to and given the potential security problems I would tend to head straight to the Caribbean from the Canaries rather than stop here.