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23rd April 2009, 11:17 PM
Cruising around the Greek islands is a dream of many.

The summer weather in Greece is dominated by the meltemi which comes from the NE in the north and west Aegean and from the NW in the south and east. Usually it is a light breeze of force 4-5 in the early morning hours but as the day progresses it strengthens to 5-6 by the afternoon and subsides by sunset. However from middle June to mid Septembers you can count for the meltemi to become a gale of force 7-8 and occasionally 9. These gales usually last 3-4 days.

From October to mid May the probability is equal for either northerly or southerly winds. Winds of force 10 are not uncommon in the winter months. Violent thunderstorms are also probable by late October to early May. The southern winter winds are particularly treacherous and unpredictable.

Arrival and departure procedures

A good quality Greek courtesy flag must be flown in Greek waters. Arriving yachts must call the Port Authority on VHF 12 from offshore, advising your ETA. Fly the "Q" flag and do not go ashore until the Port Authorities have been aboard.

Greece is a member of the EU. All yachts must immediately proceed to a Port of Entry and clear in with the Port Authority, Customs, Immigration (and currency control) and Health. The ship's papers must be presented to the Port Authority after which Customs will issue a Transit Log (renewable after 6 months and valid for 1 year. This Transit Log must be presented to the Port Authority at each subsequent port visited. Also have a fully detailed crew list to present to the Port Authorities on both arrival and departure from ports. Note that the Greek Coast Guard monitors and calls on VHF 12 so this channel should monitored when approaching ports and whilst in port. etc. etc.

See GREECE (http://www.cruiserlog.com/wiki/index.php?title=Greece) on the World Cruising Wiki for immigration and customs procedures, islands, ports, approaches, marinas, etc.

3rd May 2009, 09:48 PM
about the transit log: we clered ito greece in sept 2008 (corfu island) and we paid 45 euros (38ft cat), it took about 20 ,minutes and staff was very friendly.
noone is asking about the document here but i think sometimes we will go to one of the port authorities to get more stamps into the 8 page document.