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24th April 2009, 07:43 PM
GPS: 13°51.2′N, 61°03.8′W

Soufrière is a port of entry. The small town is in a large beautiful bay. The whole bay is Sea park and anchoring is prohibited to protect fragile the coral. There are, however, several laid moorings where one can tie for $40 ECD (about $25 USD) for 2 nights. Find a free mooring and secure your boat, an attendant comes with a launch and collects the fee. Do not be deceived by the free roaming young men who will rush to assist you. Any assistance, no matter how trivial, cost a minimum of $10 ECD.

If you want to snorkel you must purchase a permit for $3 ECD, the coral reefs are full of small fish; some parrot fish, large schools (over 600) of tiger fish, sponges, coral formations, etc. But the visibility is not like the Aegean's, it is less than 5 m (16 ft.).

There are many small coves where the Sea Park has laid moorings. Consult the diagram obtained form their office.

From: The World Cruising Wiki - Soufrière (http://www.cruiserlog.com/wiki/index.php?title=Soufriere).