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25th April 2009, 02:29 PM
Please post information relating to all the Isle of Wight here.
Post individual locations in their own thread.

25th April 2009, 06:37 PM
Isle of Wight
GPS: 5041.94′N, 0117.74′W

The Isle of Wight is a British island and county in the English Channel between three and five miles from the south coast of Great Britain. It is situated south of the county of Hampshire and is separated from mainland England by The Solent. Popular since Victorian times as a holiday resort, the Isle of Wight is known for its natural beauty and for its world-famous sailing based in Cowes.

Besides the marinas and yacht clubs in Cowes, other safe anchorages in the area are:

(From west to east, by a Wiki contributor)
Alum bay - quite exposed but alright for a quick stop. Not much here really, but some nice views.
Totland bay - as with Alum bay, pretty exposed but a good swim stop in nice weather.
Yarmouth harbour - A very well sheltered harbour, either pick up a mooring buoy outside or a berth in the harbour. The harbourmasters are all wonderful and helpful, watch out for the ferries when entering the harbour. The facilities are clean and modern with great showers (token operated) with the option of wi-fi on the boat and internet access in the harbour building. The town itself has great food and beer and a really welcoming atmosphere but can be very crowded in summer. There are some permenant barbeques for yachts on the green and for the hardy the walk across to freshwater bay is lovely.
Newtown river - A national trust administered anchorage, it is well sheltered and protected from the worst of most weathers. The national trust as for donations rather than setting mooring fees. The holding is good if you want to anchor and is especially fun for bilge and lifting keel boats who want to squeeze far up away from the other boats. If it is summer get here earlier rather than later as it can fill up. A quick row ashore and a walk of a couple of miles brings you to a wonderful pub which serves very good fish.
Folly inn - If you ignore Cowes and carry on upstream you come to the folly inn, the main pontoons are opposite the pub, the ones right outside tend to fill up very quickly.
Newport - Even further up the Medina is Newport, this is the official capital of the Isle of Wight and has great bus links with the whole island, in case of bad weather. Depths are apparently 2.5 m at springs and 1.8 m at neaps.
Osborne bay - a fairly sheltered anchorage but without any access to the shore.
Wootton creek - shallow but sheltered, you need to be able to dry out here.
Ryde harbour - A drying marina accessible a couple of hours either side of high tide
Seaview bay - fairly shallow so if you can't dry out you need to keep well clear of the shore. It can be a bit unsettled with the swell but it has a lovely beach.
Bembridge harbour - I haven't visited here myself but it has good reports and can be accessed 3 hours either side of high water Portsmouth.

The Isle of Wight on the World Cruising Wiki - HERE (http://www.cruiserlog.com/wiki/index.php?title=Isle_of_Wight)