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25th April 2009, 07:26 PM
Poseidonio Cove
GPS: 37°42.65′N, 27°03.3′E
The cove of Poseidonio or Moulebraim is maybe the best protected cove in Samos. Unfortunately the bottom is weed and loose mud which does not provide good holding. While the predominant winds in the summer are from the NW to NE, in the afternoon there can be strong gusts from the SE. The anchor may appear to be caught but with a strong gust it may drag. Always use 2 anchors.

There is a private underwater mooring, belonging to Mr. Soutos that one might use temporarily. There are two restaurants ashore. The one to the W, Kerketzos, and to the E, Dionysos, usually have fresh fish. There, is also a small store with basic provisions. There is no transportation to town other than a taxi from Pythagorio (tel. +30 22730 61 450).

GPS: 37°42.5′N, 27°02.6′E
Klima is a cove just W of Poseidonio. It offers slightly less protection from the meltemi than Poseidonio but it provides better holding and it is another alternative. Anchor in 5-6 m over sand. There are two tavernas ashore, Kantounia is reputed to be good.

Mourtia, Mikri, & Megali Lakka
Mourtia (GPS: 37°45.7′N, 27°01.8′E) is a nice sandy bay at the foot of the Zoodochos Pigi Peninsula. It is pleasant anchorage but open to the S and E, and it is not good place to overnight. There is a small taverna ashore.

Mikri Lakka (GPS: 37°45.4′N, 27°01.7′E) is about 1 M S of Mourtia there is a nice deserted cove that affords fairly good protection from the meltemi. Anchor in 5 m over sand and some weed. Fairly good holding. The only distraction are wasps. This is an ideal place to watch the full moon rise over the mountains of Turkey.

Megali Lakka (GPS: 37°45.4′N, 27°01.7′E) is about 500 S of Mikri Lakka is less isolated but it also affords fairly good protection from the meltemi.

Psili Amos
GPS: 37°42.3′N, 27°01.2′E
This a shallow sandy cove whose name means fine sand, is at the narrowest of the Samos Strait, just W of Poseidonio. There is a taverna ashore. It is a very popular swimming area.

GPS: 37°38.3′N, 26°49.9′E
Kolona or Tsópela is a lovely cove that takes its name from the cape just to its E. It provides reasonable shelter when the weather is settled. Good place for a swim. Sandy bottom, good holding. From here you can walk to Heraion.

Limnionas Bay
GPS: 37°42′N, 26°38.8′E
The bay offers some shelter from the N wind but it is subject to strong gusts and it is exposed to the S.

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