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26th April 2009, 03:56 PM
The Canary Islands are part of Spain and as such are members of the European Union. The islands are however outside the VAT region. The normal EU regulations apply, though the authorities tend to treat all arriving vessels as if coming from a non-EU country.

On arrival, the skipper must report to the Port Authority or marina office who will advise on procedures. Marinas will contact the relevant authorities on your behalf.

As the Canaries are duty-free, yachts are not required to clear customs.

You can cruise around the islands (after having checked in) with no restrictions - documents may however be checked at subsequent ports.

Visa exemptions and requirements are the same as for Spain.

Passports of crew are not normally stamped on arrival.
Note: If you intend leaving the Canaries by any other means (i.e. by air) you must ensure that Immigration stamps your passport on entry.

Many yachts congregate in the Canaries from November to January to prepare for crossing the Atlantic.

Islands in the group:
Gran Canaria
La Gomera
El Hierro
La Graciosa
La Palma

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