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3rd March 2017, 06:37 PM
I’ve now spent the time from the beginning of October 2016 as a liveaboard in the Rhodes New Marina (RNM) in Greece.

This was the second winter period for the RNM (in reality the first fully operational one), in the first year they had 5 boats over the winter period, this time around there were approx. 35-40 yachts staying for the winter of which 3 were with liveaboards . The marina office staff as well as the mooring / berthing staff are extremely friendly and helpful yet on a steep learning curve which they accomplished very well. I like the marina, its top-class facilities and its location - much prefer it to Mandraki harbour for a prolonged winter stay. The winter weather in Rhodes helps of course, Rhodes consistently being among the warmest place in Greece.

In my view the RNM is a safe place to leave your yacht unattended at any time.

As a current liveaboard at RNM the swell within the harbour however is an issue and makes life quite uncomfortable sometimes: when winds F4+ blow from the N to NE a swell enters the harbours and does need attention with more and longer mooring lines and mooring dampers. That said, in the approx. 155 days I’ve spent here so far “swell days” amounted to maybe 8 - 10 days with each “swell period" lasting approx. 24 - 36 hrs. . Winds from other directions (even storm winds from the South with 50 kts ) are not an issue.

The answer to the swell problem is a northern harbour wall which has already being planned for by Rhodes Marinas S.A. . I have been informed by the marina manager that land based work in the area where the northern harbour wall will jut out into the sea is to start in March 2017. Then in September 2017 work on building the harbour wall itself should be commencing.

Once this has been built and completed in my view the RNM should quickly turn into one of the excellent marinas in the Eastern Med and become a commercially successful operation and a place where you can securely and comfortably stay on your boat and enjoy the island for the winter period.

To clarify, I have no commercial interest in Rhodes Marinas S.A. except as a yachtsman and potential customer.