View Full Version : Key West Haul Out

26th April 2009, 06:32 PM
I was in Key West a couple years ago when the two hurricanes hit. Many boats were damaged (including mine). Real estate is at a premium and much of the commercial real estate is going residential condo so not many repair yards are left. Many people patched and moved their boats North to Ft Lauderdale or Stuart Florida for repairs. I was living there and wanted to supervise repairs. I used Multihull Technologies for the repair. I rented space on a fishing dock next to Multihull Technologies as their yard was already full. This may be the most expensive way to repair a boat. I hauled with a 75 ton construction crane. The boat is 45 feet long by 25 wide. The rig was left standing as a 75 ton crane towers high above any rigging. The crane was $2700 USD each way. I had the luxury of a good insurance company. For all the expense it was an effcient repair. More than 20 feet of the starboard hull was torn out some straight thru to the inner hull. While on land the sail drives were serviced, generator removed and a new platform installed, a new galley countertop and many smaller repairs. The boat was out on the hard for only 28 days. Mark McLewin