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27th April 2009, 08:49 PM
Guest harbour is in the town centre and very sheltered as surrounded by islands

1 juni til 31 august prise for overnighting boats:
upto 32 fot: 200 NOK(22approx) per 24hr / over 32: 250 per 24hr
(sept - mai 50 per day/ 550 per month)

Prises include electricity and water (while capacity is available) Power outlets are distributed along the pontoons

Restaurant, toilets, holding tank pumpout point. fuel 1Nm

During the summer month there is a free minibus to one of the local chandlers

Biggest plus!!:rolleyes: you have me as a neighbour (I have a flat in white house with red roof)

Great cruising grounds around the area

6th March 2011, 09:32 AM
The best there is on this part of the cost.


Well known among long dist sailors.

Wifi, El, Water, all incl. in the low prices.