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30th April 2009, 04:44 PM
Important Announcement effective 10 April 2009

Warning: On this date, the President of Fiji has abrogated the Constitution and has announced the implementation of the Public Emergency Regulations (PER) - effectively martial law. At this instance in time, the general public is yet to be made aware of the full ramifications, however, my opinion (not a fact, just an opinion), is if you have weapons on board, whether or not you intend to declare them, is to not take the risk of checking into Fiji; there is just too much nervousness on the part of the new Legal Order, and the military (of which the police is now effectively a branch of) are empowered to do anything they feel is necessary to preserve the public order without repercussions.

Second, it has come to our attention that a visiting yacht was THOUROUGHLY searched as a consequence of failing to properly complete the form C.2.C being an indicator of a potential wrong-doer. Nothing was found, of course (maybe a lost wrench in the bilge???), but to avoid any inconvience, please do not leave blanks on the C.2.C; if something is not applicable, enter 'n/c' in the appropriate blank.

Lastly, discussions with the old/new Attorney-General has indicated that the government remains firm in its resolve to encourage cruising tourism, and I believe what was expressed was quite genuine. However, until things settle out a bit more, caution is strongly advised, as well as keeping any private opinions private.

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