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13th May 2009, 04:58 PM
A quick bit of info about Mustique, where we are right now. Mustique, while part of the nation of St Vincent & The Grenadines, is a privately owned island managed by the Mustique Company. It's a beautiful place, white sandy beaches and palm trees etc, and is dotted with fantastic houses apparently owned by the rich and famous, but also welcomes visiting yachts. There's only one place you can moor, in Brittania Bay, and you must use a mooring buoy which are administered by the harbourmaster. Prices are a little steep, at time of writing they are: boats up to 70ft - EC$200 / US$75, from 71-85ft EC$300 / US$110, from 86ft to 100ft EC$400 / US$150, over 100ft EC$500 / US$185.

These rates are quoted as being for one night, with two free consecutive nights, or put another way they're the minimum charge for up to three nights.
As you might expect at these rates the moorings are good and strong, and you can use the dinghy dock and garbage disposal for no further charge.

Britannia Bay has a reputation for being very rolly, right now it's fine and of course on a cat less of a problem anyway.