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    My computer has lost my copy of the full owner/boat name/hull numbers datbase. Has anyone a copy or a link for this.

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    Hi Keith,
    All the best for 2019
    Nope but I will ask in the Facebook Catalac group, maybe someone there has some records...
    If you do find it I am interested in a copy...
    1979 Catalac 8M - 8-84 - Samimiy

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    Hi Keith,

    sorry to hear about your computer issues.

    Where did you get the Catalac database from ?

    I have two (very old) paper issues of the Bobcat and Catalac owners association with a list of hull numbers, boat names and owners.
    I don't have them with me for the moment but I think they were from the late 80's !

    It would be quite a job to retype, or scan and OCR the whole thing to put it into database form. The information is also quite old, not sure much of it is still relevant.

    I think remembering that Talbot and Tropic Cat identified some Catalacs based on hull numbers. Maybe they have something more recent or easier to use.


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    Hi Puck
    Sorry about my very loose usage of the word database. Of course what I mean is the paper list of hull numbers, boat names and owners etc. This is the one from the old Bobcat and Catalac Owners site. If you could scan and mail me a copy I would be much obliged. I can then remail to others Catalac owners who have expressed an interest in the catalac owners/boat info.list

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