Hello all,

After a few years of owning, cruising and living aboard a Privilege 435 (which I loved) we had to give it up for several reasons which were outside of our control. It has been about 2 1/2 years since we sold her. Like an addict, I was only able to maintain sanity for so long and have succumbed to the urge. So we decided to get another boat. We weren't looking for another big complicated cruising cat so we opted for something simpler, smaller, easier to "keep going" less expensive to maintain and store. We looked at a few boats in the small cat range and ended up deciding on a Maine Cat 30. It will work better for our current needs, which will be more in the vein of coastal cruising, jaunts to the Bahamas, Keys and ICW use. We are hoping to take possession of her in a few weeks. We are looking forward to getting back out to sea more often!