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Thread: Celtic 40' (Admiral design)

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    Can anyone share any experience with the Celtic 40' please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by leont View Post
    Can anyone share any experience with the Celtic 40' please?
    Hello welcome to the forum.

    I believe the Celtic 40 is a re-branded - renamed Admiral 40?

    What are your plans for the boat?, ocean?, coastal?, liveaboard?, vacationing?

    From what I know of previous boats I have sailed on and in company with, barring a few issues early on they were very good quality (probably lead to company's demise), comfortable and well appointed. Safe offshore with good sized rudders, excellent helm and cockpit. The layouts I have seen were conventional charter style, galley up with "equal" cabins in each corner. They had/have? relatively poor bridge-deck clearance, that makes them easy to board but not particularly quick or good to windward, requiring some motor sailing. The big overhead windows in the saloon are a disadvantage in sunny climes where they nearly always have to be covered. On the 50's there was no forward vision from the saloon which in my opinion was the reason for poor sales, this was corrected on the later 38 and 40ft models.

    Hope this helps.

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