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    I fitted a box section laminated ply bowsprit in 2005 a couple of years after getting the 8m Cat Ballou. This enabled me to fly a 280 sq ft oversize Genoa off the wind, light winds and twin headsails downwind. Functionally totally a success apart from sightly fiddly sheeting back to the winches from a track on my rear cockpit wooden rails. However there was a slight lifting of the sprit as the bobstays were not really low enough to be totally effective. When rot started to show I replaced the wooden sprit with a 125mm square x 5mm thick stainless box section but being stiffer lifted more on the foredeck. Rather than fit low bobstays which would have interferred with the anchor deployment and any swinging mooring stops I decided to fit an "understay made from 125mmx50mm x 5mm stainless box section. It really came down to a choice of move the anchor winch to a central position with the problems of chain drop into the starboard locker or lw bobstays. Having spent a fair time setting up the anchor chain drop etc I chose the understay. This bolts under the foredeck and as far as I can tell any lift is to the whole front of the boat rather than trying to lift the foredeck. Some photos are attached in case others want to go that way.

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    Sounds good but no pictures !

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    I have had thoughts about adding a bowsprit to my 9M to be able to set a larger headsail in light conditions. I have wondered about how to arrange it to not lift the foredeck. So if you have pictures of your successful arrangement I would be very interested to see them.

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