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Thread: Hatch flange bolted only to top deck skin on 1991 Privilege 39

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    Default Hatch flange bolted only to top deck skin on 1991 Privilege 39

    I've been refurbishing the Goiot Tradition 50.50 hatches on Cyclops by replacing the lenses, gaskets, handle O-rings, and re-bedding the deck flanges. The hatches above the living spaces are attached with machine screws and nuts, visible after removing the headliner.

    I found that the deck flange of the hatches covering the forward storage compartments in each hull was installed with machine screws through only the top skin of the deck. The hinge plate (attached to the hatch frame containing the lens) was bolted through the entire deck as expected. Inside the storage compartment, I found a smooth ceiling, with no nuts to loosen, under the deck flange. That left me wondering if maybe wood screws had been used, or if there were nut plates embedded inside the deck. Turning any of the screw heads produced no upward motion. I cut an exploratory hole to discover that machine screws attach the deck flange, and only through the top skin.

    I had to cut access to reach all of the nuts from inside the storage compartment. I'll be replacing the foam core and lower skin over that area, then re-attaching the deck flange with longer machine screws through both skins.

    Also, if you ever need to replace a hatch lens, don't bother trying to buy an OEM part. It's unthinkably expensive compared to having one made locally. I found several shops within a half hour drive, in St. Petersburg, FL, that will clone an existing hatch lens. The cost was similar between the local shops, around $70. They'll make them while you wait, versus waiting to have one shipped and paying several hundred dollars per lens for an OEM part.

    I had no such luck sourcing the gasket material locally, because of its trapezoidal cross section, and had to order it from France.

    The nearer hatch is one I refurbished, before I installed the latches. The hatch forward of the gangplank ramp was only attached to the top deck skin.

    I used DowSil 795 to glaze the lenses into the hatch frames, 3M Black Weatherstrip Adhesive to attach the gasket. I used 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 4000 UV to bed the first hatch I refurbished, and switched to butyl tape after that for less mess and no limit on working time.
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