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Thread: Genoa winch dismounting

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    Default Genoa winch dismounting

    We would like to update our genoa winch size a little. Unfortunately, dismounting the old ones and installing new ones is not "plug and play". The existing winches are mounted on some kind of pedestal on the cabin roof. Most probably because the roof is curved. As could be feared, most of the bolts cannot be unscrewed because the nuts slip beneath. I am uncertain of how the nuts are fastened and how deep they are. Are they recessed into the inside roof under the innerliner? Or are they under that little pedestal? It seems the pedestal cannot be removed. Maybe an "inspection hatch" has to be cut out in the inner roof to get access to the nuts? New winches will not fit to the old nut positions, so this has to be solved. Anyone of you Privilege owners have knowledge about this?

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