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Thread: Rudder Position Sensor Fitting

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    I am thinking of fitting a rudder position sensor to improve the performance of my Raymarine Smartpilot Wheelpilot, which whatever I do tends to wander a bit. The rudder position sensor is normally fitted at the rudder quadrant or thereabouts but the opening slots for the rudder arm and the rudder connecting bar make that area less than watertight so that area is not ideal.
    My question is how do other Catalac owners deal with this, I wondered whether it would be possible to link the rudder sensor arm to the chain behind the wheel that pulls the steering cables up and down. A dry location and simple short wiring to the course computer. A problem may be the vertical movement of the chain and the radial movement of the sensor arm?
    Any experience of use of rudder position sensors or ideas?

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    The Raymarine Rudder Sensors are sealed so no problem.

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