Our boat, a Lagoon 420, was hauled at Bradford Marine in Freeport, Bahamas during December 2019 for bottom paint and other work.

The Islands 44 Plus bottom paint application was a saga. Constant blisters - mainly on the outer starboard hull and keel and to a lesser extent on the port hull - developed in the paint, right up to the day of splashing the boat 2 weeks after painting started. Bradford re-coated the blistered areas several times, sometimes with sanding and a barrier coat, sometimes with sanding only, and sometimes without either sanding or barrier coat. Usually the re-coated areas were done in neat squares as it was rolled on in patches of varying sizes...

So, boat prep probably sub par.

This is the condition of the bottom ~3 weeks after splash. During that time the boat was at a slip facing north, with about equal daily sun on the port vs starboard sides.

Thoughts, comments? Where is this going?