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    Default OUR NEW OCEAN CRUISER, will BLOW YOUR MIND........

    The HAVAYA 30 is our NEW PROA for serious work!!!!!

    Keep Shunting,
    Balkan Shipyards.

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    Default Re: OUR NEW OCEAN CRUISER, will BLOW YOUR MIND........

    Looks good. Nice video explanation.

    Why did you choose 30ft? Wouldn't 40ft, say, give you more speed, more accommodation and comfort, and perhaps cooking space, plus the storage of all the stuff that goes with cruising? I assume you are going to make it so that it can be folded together so that it will fit on a trailer so a bit more length would not matter too much.

    Any thoughts on a solar panel or two for limited power, eg for navigation lights, vhf and a simple tablet type computer for navigation. Like wise, since you are talking of cruising, a small outboard for use as a get you home facility?

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    Default Re: OUR NEW OCEAN CRUISER, will BLOW YOUR MIND........

    Didn't get the notification... why? I dont Know.

    Well, 30 is enough for now, starting big is harder more expensive and failure hurts more.... The real problem is I don't know how such a big sail will shunt yet, on the HAVAYA it's 30 square meters, I think it will be a good indication on what happens as size increases. On a 40 footer Junk Rigged you are probably looking at 50 Square Meters of canvas I can't even imagine shunting that for now.....

    Solar is a must, she will have LED lights and be wired up through out, that's no big deal. As for engine? I had engines on monos, they are great, though here, on a proa there is no stern, that is a problem, I can't find the perfect place for one, and it contrasts the proa spirit a bit too much..... So maybe not, that's how it looks for now, by the way a 40 footer probably will have one, it's just getting too big. I feel 30 is the biggest a boat can get and still feel small.....

    Keep Shunting Mike.
    All d best

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