(SWMO has posted this elsewhere but I wondered if we might get more info from you multi-hullers here. So apologies if you've come across the thread before.)

Wondered if anyone out there has experience of the sailing performance of these 2 boats/models ? I should say that we are not looking for out-and-out performance - we recognise that both will be fairly pedestrian by comparison with our last monohull. Although this is a move forced by a recognition of our declining years and requirement for sailing on the level, lighter gear and a wish for a deck saloon and additional living space, we would still like to sail.

We have several of these specific models in mind so please note that we are specifically looking at the Solaris SunRISE 36 and not the Solaris Sunstream (which I understand has better performance - but is not available or possibly within budget) and the Prout Snowgoose ELITE (which is reported to sail less well than the 37 but, for us, has some other benefits).

Is one a better sailor than the other - up wind, reaching, down wind ? What sort of passage planning figure would you use for either boat ? How close-winded (or not !) are they ?

TIA. Any info or thoughts most welcome !