Steve of SV Panope experiments on a used Rocna 44 lb (22 kg) rollbar anchor.
He modifies this anchor sequentially: drilling holes in the flukes, flattens the aft upturned fluke segment, and finally drills three more holes at the front of the fluke / shank interface. He incrementally tests each of these modifications at his usual test locations.
SV Panope: Rocna Anchor Modification. Anchor Test Video #87

Steve had previously tested this Rocna anchor (unmodified) with his standard testing procedures at his test substrate locations. The evidence presented in this video provides the basis for his subsequent modifications in the follow-up video.

SV Panope: Rocna Anchor Test. Anchor Video #85

Steve had also tested the unmodified Rocna at his soft mud test location in Scow Bay, WA as part of a multiple anchor drag race. He refers to this test when successfully testing the modified Rocna by itself in Scow Bay.
SV Panope: Soft Mud Anchor Testing. Anchor Video #86