Looking for small cats in my area. Now there are two for sale I'm interested in, for pretty much the same price. A 2002 Lagoon 380 Owners version, and a 2008 Mahe 36 3 Cabin.

Assuming they're both in similar condition would you have a preference? In terms of equipment the Mahe has a 8 gal/hour watermaker and 600w of solar. The Lagoon has neither, but has a 3kw generator.

Personally I'm thinking the Mahe will be cheaper to run which is something I'm quite keen on, and I would use the solar and watermaker. With the Lagoon I'd likely just add solar for now, get rid of the genset, and look into watermakers later.

The Mahe had osmosis treatment in 2017, I've got a very short video clip of the repair guy who was flown in from France shaving away layers below the waterline while doing that. Is it safe to assume the osmosis is effectively dealt with and shouldn't return?

It's a hard choice though, the Lagoon 380 Owners was for a long time my dream boat, but I believe the Mahe will be marginally better under sail, and cheaper to keep in the long run...