I have a Catalac 12m with two Yanmar 3HM diesel engines. During this past winter we had trouble starting the engines in cold ambient temps. A new crew member who is new to boating but has extensive experience with diesel engines on shore was shocked to discover the Yanmar 3HM does not have a preheater/glow-plug, and he says that all diesel engines do/should have one. I'm pretty sure these engines were original equipment installed by Tom Lack, so I'm guessing that other Catalacs have them as well. I wrote to Yanmar and their response is that the 3HM doesn't need a preheater/glow-plug, which made my diesel crewman chuckle.
All research into an aftermarket/add-on preheater kit has come up empty.
This vessel spent most of her life in the Caribbean basin and Florida, but her future will likely be in colder climates.
Does anyone have any info/experience with this problem, and hopefully a solution, please?