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Thread: molds of keels for P435/p445

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    Default molds of keels for P435/p445

    Privilege Marine still has the molds for the keels of a P435/P445 but wants to throw them away.

    Should someone wants to get them, please let me know and I arrange the contact.

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    Default Re: molds of keels for P435/p445

    I did have quite severe damage to one keel after a charterer failed to anchor properly and the boat drifted ashore. Fortunately only one keel was damaged so a template was taken from the other keel to aid the rebuild. I would guess that is what usually happens. However, it seems to me that the original keel molds are something worth saving. I could perhaps store them in the underbuild at my place in Spain but getting them there may be a problem at the moment.

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