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Thread: What's behind the cockpit speaker covers?

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    Default What's behind the cockpit speaker covers?

    There's been some sustained rain here recently, and I discovered some water leaking into the interior from the area behind the starboard cockpit speaker. My boat (1991 Privilege 39) has covers installed instead of speakers, and I prefer to use Bluetooth speakers rather than the ancient AM/FM/CD/USB that has speakers wired in the saloon, so I'm going to glass the cockpit speaker holes closed.

    I figured you all might want to see what's behind the speaker cover, since there's no access from the inside, except for a 1/2 inch conduit for speaker wire. The wall thickness of the speaker hole varies between 3/16 inch and 3/8 inch, depending on whether any interior tabbing is adjacent to the hole. There's a bare wood wall at the back of the speaker enclosure (as seen through the hole), but the other interior sides of the speaker enclosure are glassed.

    After water infiltrated the area, it pooled and then leaked inside. It leaked not only through the speaker wire conduit, but also through some of the fiberglass tabbing joints that were apparently not done well. So, there was water entering the aft cabin in several areas.
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