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Thread: reefing the main sail

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    Default reefing the main sail

    As I am hearing many opinions about reefing the main sail at a catamaran, I am interested to learn about the ways catamaran main sails are reefed by members of this multihull forum. Reefing the main while saiing upwind, with the wind abeam, and while sailing downwind.

    I am thanking you in advance for your replies.

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    Default Re: reefing the main sail

    I can only speak to our experiences. We have single line reefing led to the helm station. Upwind is pretty standard - ease the boom until the sail is fully luffing and take in the reef. With the wind abeam, things aren't so clear. Depending on conditions, we will either turn upwind or downwind. If upwind, then we close reach with the jib until the boat is high enough to luff the main and proceed like above. If downwind, then we turn into a very deep reach or DDW and pull the boom to centerline. The main halyard is then let down a few inches at a time, while pulling in the reef line. The goal is to never let the halyard down enough so the sail get loose enough to billow out and lay against the spreader/shrouds. A little bit at a time until the reef is in. This is also the method when sailing downwind, of course.

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