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Thread: We are Sooo Fffasst!! (well, maybe half fast!)

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    Thumbs up We are Sooo Fffasst!! (well, maybe half fast!)

    The Triple Dipping, Multihull Manic and Steadfastly Senior Member of this forum, Sandy Daugherty has asked me to post some info on "who we can beat or keep up with".

    (FIRST - Full Disclosure: I don't work for Kimberly-Clark and don't use their products.)

    Who can we beat?


    During our first year (on the Chesapeake) we raced TabbyCat in full cruising mode against racing ready Farrier and Corsair tris and a few cats. While we won several of the starts, we finished last on a very consistent basis (aka - every race!). We were pretty competitive in any off-wind legs where we could roll out the screacher, but the upwind legs or DDW legs were just killers.

    When out cruising and gunkholing we did very well beating most monos up to about 50' and consistently catching and passing the PDQs, Lagoons, FPs, Mantas and Geminis. We received many compliments (and a few curses) on our speed.

    Indeed, our speed was so impressive that a catamaran was sold because of it. According to Peter Johnstone of Gunboat fame, he was sailing a GB48 in Annapolis with a client on board where we just happened to be sailing. After the GB had passed us, anchored and had time to set out drinks prior to our arriving, the client turned to Peter and said, "SOLD!" (Peter still owes us dinner...)

    Since we have been out cruising, results have been a bit better. Our second season on the Bahamas found us in two races, The Around Stocking Island Race and the In Harbor Race - a couple of fun races where we were NOT ALLOWED to use our schreacher (oh, the inhumanity...). In the ASIR, we finished mid-pack against cats up to 50' and many with big genoas (more sail area). In the IHR, we finished...FIRST! Granted it was against three other boats, but two of them beat us in the ASIR (maybe, I have CSR...)

    A really great example of our performance capability was when we left Boothbay Harbor with friends on a Voyage 44. As we were beating out of the harbor under full main & jib, the Voyage under full main and genoa slowly caught and passed us. We were both sailing in the mid 7 - 8 knots. As we turned to the east and off the wind, we rolled out the screacher and shades of "Wind", suddenly we were running in the 9 - 10 knot range, leaving our friends open-mouthed at our awesome sailing power :

    TabbyCat Boothbay Harbor (2).JPG

    We have consistently beaten Catanas up to 43', Voyages, FPs up to 46', Lagoons and most cats in our same size range including most of the South African Cats. Not sure if we have ever seen a FastCat .

    In addition to the GB, we have been beaten consistently by Catanas over 43 (like the 471 that toasted us sailing into Bequia a few months ago), and the cats in the 50+ range.

    In summary, let state that the opposition is not only wrong, but stoopid (ooops, sorry wrong forum...)

    We pretty consistently see speeds up to 1/2 the AWS, like many other cats. For us, this means we can easily get into the low to mid-teens when using the screacher and in the high single digits when beating.

    Fair Winds,

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    Default Re: We are Sooo Fffasst!! (well, maybe half fast!)

    Thanks Mike. I've come to really like Lynn and Dick Vermeulen, and have promised them I would buy a Maine Cat, but lately the Seven-Eleven Stores have less than Sixty Dollars in the Safe, which means I would have to hit every one of them in North America 73 times, and its not good to get into a rut like that. And there's that Big old Woman behind the counter in North Carolina that beat a poor robber to death with his own baseball bat....

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