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Thread: Fastcat electrical drive problems

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    I am sorry but for legal reasons the poster has requested that I delete his post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baba View Post

    Everything you need is in
    Of course, Gideon may be in Brazil by now, with a suitcase full of money, after liquidating everything he owned in South Africa.
    Currently concentrating on .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordic View Post
    Seems that after only 3 years of use, one of the Fastcat Electrical drives needs a complete rewiring,


    click on Madeira 2.

    Seems like Gideon is starting to get his service act together, all of a sudden Frank here, is getting support that was not there for a couple of years.

    Funny that he says: "Even stronger, we had no problems at all Which could be related to African Cats during our 7 months in the Canaries" and then goes on to commend AFC for their service.

    So what about the 2 previous years or so?

    Anyway, good to see that Frank finally is getting some support, now we need to see Butterfly get some as well.

    Total Bull shit,

    I burned the generator of the Fischer Panda (not a Fastcat item). Gideon managed to get me a new generator while the garanty was done.

    He also gave me a 2nd 10kW generator for not standing on one legg. Delivered in 5 days from Durban to Madeira. I builded in the gen myselve.

    How come this information is so wrong. Plenty pics an explanations on my webside.


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    To make things clear,

    We have still our Solomon electric drive and they gave us no problems so far. Never did before either. Good stuff.

    The lack of speed was due to bad pitsh regulation. With the fethering props we do now 6kn and maybe that can be even more optimalised. Is very difficult to get the right pitch and then it will be only good at a certain speed.

    On the Amazone we installed the fix props and where able to do 6.8kn. It's all in the blog. Now that we master a bit the Fischer Panda generators (delicate machines) we are not intending to leave the hybrid path yet. Sailing the boat so silent is hard to give up. Steering the boat with only the trottles is fun in marinas.

    Ps. Paul is 200m away from us here in Grenada. He can come and look.

    Sorry for the faults but I see no spelling checker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ka8uet View Post
    I'm sorry to hear about the Solomon drive problem, as I had thought from the initial concept and further reading that it was a workable drive, at least in theory. Not so much in practice, it seems!

    Never had problems with the Solomons. Never have wrote anything in that sence. In fact, Solomon is about the only thing here on board witch gave us no problems at all. The only complain I mite have is the power. We have ST37. It should have been ST74. It's Solomon themselves who stated ST37 was enough for a 43ft. See at Solomon site. No blame what so ever on this mather towards African Fastcats.

    btw, it was I who insisted to have an hybrib. This was totaly new to Gideon. Therfore no experiance.

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