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Thread: mainsail traveller / bb385

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    Default mainsail traveller / bb385

    are you realy using your mainsail traveller??
    i am thinking of replacing it by an u-bolt right in the middle , this would make the access to the cockpit much easier....
    thanks and regards from greece,

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    Default Re: mainsail traveller / bb385

    Better than a single attachment point would be a double mainsheet arrangement which would give you the same control options as a traveller but perhaps better cockpit access. On the other hand, unless you are really searching for boat projects, it would probably be best to leave it be. A traveller may be usefull in removing unwanted guests from the cockpit.


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    Hi Onotoa

    We have the dual mainsheet system on our 385. It works extremely well. I'm on charter this weekend but I will take some pictures of it and put them on here for you when I get back next week if you like.

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    Hi Helmut,
    I find I use it quite a lot now. I've finally figured out how to get a better mainsail shape. It's still not great but by tweaking it around I can get almost a knot better boat speed. I've also discovered that I have a new valuable tool to aid sail trim, my KISS wind generator
    If the slot between the Gennaker and the main is not correct when I'm on a port tack, the KISS stalls and the blades stop, so now I just trim the sails for the maximum wind generator noise!!
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