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Thread: Solaris 42 for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by petlan View Post
    On the subject of the mizzen. Never used it, useless as most mizzens are.
    I was under the impression sailing with a mizzen one could trim / balance so the boat steers itself... (windvane principles)

    But I might be wrong on this as I have never sailed with such a rig so this is just what I've been told...
    Maybe someone with experience sailing on this kind of rig cares to comment on this ?

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    Djeeke, you are right - in heavy air most people drop their main and proceed under jib and mizzen alone, reducing sail area while maintaining balance; in addition, as mentioned earlier, the mizzen also makes a great 'riding' sail, keeping the bow into the wind and reducing wandering when under anchor. I have sailed on ketch-rigged boats (including a Whitby 42, albeit not a Solaris 42) and can attest to these attributes. The split rig also, of course, lowers the CE of the sailplan (significant on a relatively narrow cat). Whether these positives outweigh the additional cost/weight of the extra spars/rigging/hardware, or even the typically reduced performance to windward (the main mast is generally further forward, thereby reducing the size of the foretriangle) is open to question, however.

    As to the chainplates on Petlan's 42, I suspect that there had been leaks for some significant period/s of time that were left unattended. Certainly not the first old boat that required chainplate replacement, but something worth bearing in mind when getting a survey on any boat that is now more than 30 years old (and some 42's are now approaching 40 years). From Petlan's experience, I gather that the deck on the 42 was cored with balsa; my Sunstream 40 is foam-cored, not that it would have made any significant difference to the problems that he experienced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heiko View Post
    oh yessss....we allready have changed the inox mast support in the salon, the old one was just broken in pieces!!!
    (and now you know how stupid I am to bring a boat in THAT shitty condition into new princess-like perfect shape....;-))
    Hello Heiko
    I have the same problem in my Solaris 40, the mast support is completely rotten. You know that the mast support is like an inverted T with bars on each side that hold the chainplates. The question is how do you dismounted it. What materials you used for the new one, which is better stainless steel or aluminum. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you.
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