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    Hi Guys
    Further to my message yesterday that I thought a Solaris 42 had sold, I can confirm that if you search the net for Solaris 42 a link comes up for a brokerage firm called 2 hulls (I think?) anyway they have listed a Solaris 42 called Ocean Drifter on the market at $99,000 and has been sold, not sure when this happened or for how long sold boats are still advertised.
    It should be pointed out to your surveyor that it must have sold for more than the $30,000 that he claims is value of all Solaris 42's

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    I already pointed out this sale to the broker, he either wasn't convinced, or maybe never checks his email!

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    Two suggestions:

    1. Contact the broker who recently sold the one referred to - he may be prepared to provide the contact information for the purchaser. I would suggest that, rather than saying that you you need to find out the purchase price, you indicate that you are attempting to get contact information for all owners of Solaris 42's (which frankly, would be helpful for this site).

    2. Find another surveyor. While $120,000.00 seems high to me, $30,000.00 seems ridiculously low. Clearly, the selling price of one boat of unknown condition does not determine the market - and any surveyor should know that. If you are paying for his services, the survey cannot be be released without your consent, so you may as well write this guy (and the expense) off and start anew.

    Good luck!

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